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Remains of missing woman found     27 November, 2010, 02:13 pm
November 21, 2010

Nearly seven months after an elderly woman disappeared from a local retirement facility, her remains were discovered Saturday.

According to Belmont County Sheriff Fred Thompson, a civilian-organized search team made the discovery in a wooded area less than a mile from the Country Club Retirement Home, located just outside Bellaire, where 80-year-old Luella Edge had resided.

The woman was reported missing on April 30 at which time Thompson's department was notified. An extensive search was immediately organized.

"(Over a period of a couple weeks), we gathered deputies on horseback, search dogs, department personnel and two helicopters," Thompson described. "We concentrated on an area heavily covered by dense woods and rugged terrain."

When no trace of Edge was located, the search was eventually halted.

Through the efforts of family members and friends, a new search was launched Saturday morning.

"They started at approximately 11 in the morning," Thompson stated. "From what I understand, the group was close to disbanding before opting to cover another 100 yards. That's when they made the discovery of clothing matching the description of what Ms. Edge had been wearing."

Thompson said an official outcome will be determined following lab work conducted by the county coroner.

"Hopefully, this brings some closure and a sense of relief (to family members)," Thompson disclosed.

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